Birthday Mood lagi

12th january 2012..i got dating with my ex classmates aka my besties ever in uitm,siti rawaida..tak lupa juga we are meeting with my great super duper fren in scholl until i met her again in uitm.haha.she is syarifah nurul ain.

Actually,the meeting is to take my graduation photo from her. At the same time,we gonna celebrate our birthday together,siti rawaida's biryhday on 13th,my birthday is on 11th,so at the middle of 13&11 which is 12,we were gonna. celebrate our birthday (again).haha..
As usual,we taking secret recipe cakes( again,duhh) and having chicken meals at new restaurant at seksyen7,it is called 'chicking restaurant',quite similar with KFC,but we decided(honestly,i decided )for having those meals here,haha..sangat sedap ok ayam nye! ok aku tipu! huuuuuu~

Tak banyak photos yang we all ambik,but i have some here.
So layan je la ye..hehe

alalaaaahhh.birthday boy yang muka tak dimamam usia! #LOL
variety of cakes! yummy! ready to eat!

kandid pic!

yang ni kalau tak nyemak bergambau dalam handphone ku memang tak sah! haha

p/s: sorry,ingat nak buat entry for birthday suprise part #2,tapi photos tak transfer from kamera lagik.hehe